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'America begins atomic game'

Newsg reporter 21 October , 2017, 17:32:17

  • 'America begins atomic game'

Dhaka: Pyongyang will continue to strengthen its nuclear weapons program in the face of US threats. NAM Hoeok-Sen director general of the country's foreign ministry of North-American warned.

He attended a conference on nuclear disarmament in the Russian capital of Moscow, also said that America has started playing atomic energy. So Pyongyang will continue to test its nuclear weapons.

Earlier, the Deputy Speaker of the North Korean Parliament, Anne Tong-Chun, recently said at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, because of the threat of America, its country needs nuclear weapons. He claimed that this weapon is being made only for self defense.

The tensions between America and North Korea have faded recently due to the war-torn attitudes of US President Donald Trump. Trump has so far threatened military aggression against North Korea and threatened to completely destroy North Korea at the annual conference of the United Nations General Assembly.

Washington urges North Korea to stop nuclear weapons testing. But Pyongyang has repeatedly said, as long as the United States and its allies maintain anti-North Korean anti-China policies, Pyongyang will strengthen its military capabilities.

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