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The Chief Justice will not be guaranteed to do the job

Newsg reporter 5 November , 2017, 14:58:12

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Dhaka: Attorney General Mahbubey Alam has said that the chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, who returned to the country is uncertain about his duties.

He said this while briefing reporters at his office at the Supreme Court on Sunday.

Mahbubey Alam said that if the Chief Justice returns to the country, he will have no guarantees that he will be able to perform the duties. If he does not sit with the other judges on the bench, his duty will be far away.

He also said there is no relation to the verdict reviewing the cancellation of sixteenth amendment with the return of Chief Justice. Review activities will run at its own pace.

Chief Justice of Surendra Surendra Sinha, who left Dhaka for Australia on October 13 night, was on leave.

In his absence, acting Chief Justice was given the responsibility of the senior judge. Abdul Wahhab Mian

After the Chief Justice left for Australia, the Attorney General said that he can not take up the responsibility even after the end of the tour.

On Sunday, the Attorney General repeat the same statement.

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