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The Prime Minister returned home

Newsg Reporter 23 April, 2018, 15:01:05

  • The Prime Minister returned home

Dhaka: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned home after an eight-day visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

On a flight of Bangladesh Biman from London, he reached Dhaka with the tourists at 11pm on Monday.

Bangladesh's High Commissioner Nazmul Kauinain in the UK left the Prime Minister at London Heathrow Airport on Sunday night.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina arrived in London on Monday night after joining the closing ceremony of the 'Gulf Shield'

During this visit, he also held a bilateral meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as participating in the Commonwealth Heads' Conference. Besides, Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Teriza Méshe paid courtesy with world leaders.

In the Commonwealth Conference, like the last session of the United Nations General Assembly, Sheikh Hasina had a high level of support for the rights of Rohingya people who were oppressed by Myanmar.

The issues of the Rohingya crisis have also been highlighted by the announcement of Commonwealth government chief's conference. In the announcement, the demand for bringing Rohingyas of Myanmar Rakhine under the independent investigation of those involved in the oppression-force was brought to justice.

Sheikh Hasina gave the keynote speech at the Commonwealth Women's Forum on Tuesday. On that day, he was the chief speaker at the ceremony organized by UK-based Think-Tank Overseas Development Institute on International Development and Humanitarian Issues.

Bangladesh Prime Minister took part in the session organized by Commonwealth Business Forum on Wednesday. In the afternoon, UK Prime Minister Teriza Mar presided over the Commonwealth government with the heads of the top traders roundtable meeting.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took part in the night dinner at the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. On Thursday, he participated in the ceremonial opening ceremony of the Conference on the Commonwealth State and Government Chiefs at Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II inaugurates the conference

On that day Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took part in several executive sessions of Commonwealth state and government heads In the afternoon, he held a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the night at the Buckingham Palace, the queen took part in the dinner.

On Friday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took part in three sessions at the conference of Commonwealth leaders. Awami League organized a reception at Westminster Center on Saturday.

In the speech, Sheikh Hasina declared BNP acting Chairperson Tarique Rahman, who was sentenced in Bangladesh's court, to 'return' to the country. He also discussed the matter with the British government, he said.

The Prime Minister attended the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on that evening. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina left Dhaka on April 15th in Saudi Arabia and London on April 15.


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