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National Nutrition week starts today

Newsg Reporter 23 April, 2018, 15:04:27

  • National Nutrition week starts today

DHAKA: National Nutrition Week-2014 begins today with the aim of accelerating the speed of public awareness and nutrition development. The goal of this year's Nutrition Week has been determined to give nutrient issues to the people's food and food planning. If you think about food, think about nutritious food. After 19 years, Nutrition Week is celebrated this year. This week, from April 23 to April 29, under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare initiative.

According to the ministry of health and family welfare, a comprehensive approach has been adopted in 'Second National Nutrition Action Plan (2016-2025)' following the 'National Nutrition 2015' to ensure adequate nutrition for all citizens of Bangladesh. Specific populations include children, adolescents, pregnant and dairy mothers, adult populations, physical, mental and intellectual disabilities, from embryo to 23 months of age. News BSS.

In addition to pre-schools, the nutritional issues of primary school children are also given importance in this Nutrition Work Plan. The country's most vulnerable and vulnerable people, whose poverty and food insecurity are at the highest level, those who are victims of natural disasters and those who live in very marginal areas will be assured of nutrition. Also tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS patients and others affected by malnutrition will also get priority.

After reducing various types of malnutrition by 2025, according to the goals and objectives of 'National Nutrition 2015' and other policies, the second national nutrition action plan (2016-201225) has set some indicators and targets.

These include - In the first hour of the baby's birth, the breast-feeding rate will be increased to 80%. To increase the rate of breast feeding in children up to 6 months by raising the rate of breastfeeding to 70%, breeding rate of 95% of children between 20 and 23 months of age, increase the minimum acceptable feeding rate for children of 6-23 months to 40% To reduce the rate of birth rate, reduce the rate of birth to 16%, decrease the deficit rate of children below 5 years, reduce the rate of cardiovascular rate to 8% in children under 5, 5 Reduce the weight of children under 15% to 15% and reduce the severe acute malnutrition rates of children under 5 years of age and bring it down to 1%.

Mohammad Aman Ullah, Deputy Program Manager, National Nutrition Service (NNS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, said that with the aim of achieving these realizations, this year 19 years later, 'National Nutrition Week-2018' is being done for the second time.

He said that arrangements for fair and rally will be organized on the first day of the National Nutrition Week, which will be held from April 23 till April 29 in the initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

On the second day, confirming the nutrition of pregnant and maternal mothers, ensuring the nutrition of all children under 5 years on the third day, confirming the nutrition of the boys and girls on the fourth day, the nutrition of the elderly on the fifth day, water, sanitation and hygiene confirmation, multidimensional inspection and coordination for the sixth day and composition of nutrition on the closing day. , Debate competition and prizes will be distributed.

According to the ministry of health and family welfare, nutrition has reduced the morale of children below the age of 5 years by 1 percent every year from last 007 to 2015. Due to the success of Vitamin A-Plus campaign for children, now and night diseases are not visible.

Mohammad Aman Ullah said, 'Growth Monitoring and Promotion Card' (GMP) card has been provided for weight inspection and counseling for children from zero to 5 years in different hospitals, health complexes and community clinics during the current government's tenure. 'Sam Corner' has been set up at 202 District Sadar Hospital and Upazila Health Complex for severely malnourished children. Besides, 'IMCI and Nutrition Corners' have been set up in 424 District Sadar Hospital and upazila health complexes for children's nutrition service.

At the same time 48 million iron tablets have been distributed to prevent women's emptiness. About 38 thousand 541 doctors and nurses have been provided training on nutrition and other benefits. The production, supply and supply of vegetables, fish, meat, milk, and egg-shells have increased. Nutrition-rich rice is allocated for the distribution of government food.


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