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Dhaka-Kathmandu experimental bus service started

Newsg Reporter 23 April, 2018, 15:05:32

  • Dhaka-Kathmandu experimental bus service started

Dhaka-Kathmandu bus service starts from Dhaka And the first bus to leave for Nepal to explore the various aspects of this bus service. The bus is going to Kathmandu with the help of various ministries, donor agencies and representatives of India and Nepal, 45 passengers. The bus started from Kamalapur in Dhaka on Monday morning.

The bus will be located in Siliguri, Nepal, Nepal, to Kathmandu. The bus will reach Kathmandu on experimental next Thursday. The bus will reach Kathmandu for three days.

Road Transport and Highways Division joint secretary Chandan Kumar Dey says - Three things are considered for passenger, passenger buses and cargo transport facilities for goods.

Starting from Dhaka, Rangpur, Bangabandhu will be located in Phulbari, West Bengal, through Siliguri, and will become Kathvita in Kathmandu. Officials of the Bangladesh side and the 37-kilometer stretch of land in the Indian part of the trip will be able to verify the situation in the plain part of Nepal.

Chandan Kumar Dey said, I will stop at different spots. One thousand kilometers of road. But now we will understand how it will take.

He further said that there is an agreement between Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India only after the pilot journey. Once the contract is reached we will take initiative to start it permanently.

However, the cost of the passengers in this service is still not correct. Operators will fix it after the bus service is started. The officer said that the aircraft will be much less than the aircraft.

A draft agreement has been approved in Bangladesh's cabinet in order to open trade and passenger movement on the road between Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan.


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