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Human chain of journalists demanded the punishment of DC Anwar

Newsg Reporter 24 April, 2018, 16:26:20

  • Human chain of journalists demanded the punishment of DC Anwar

Dhaka: Journalists are holding a sit-in program to protest the police attack on journalist at the DMP Sadar Aftar Gate demanding exemplary punishment of Motijheel Zone DC Anwar Hossain, who is involved in the assault of two journalists during the demonstration procession in the capital.

They took positions at the gate of DMP headquarters at around 12pm on Tuesday.

It is to be noted that after police dispersed the BNP rally in front of Baitul Mukarram mosque in the capital on Sunday noon.

Six or seven police personnel, including the ADC Shibli Noman of Motijheel Zone, were injured in police brutality by brickbats. Police said the police vehicle was vandalized.

While doing professional duties, Bangla TV reporter Arman and Cameraperson Manik were harassed. After identifying the journalists, the police took them to the police station and took them to the Paltan Police Station. However, after the media of other media who came to the police station, they were released.

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