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Peshkar and Lawyers fight in court

Newsg Reporter 24 April, 2018, 16:31:21

  • Peshkar and Lawyers fight in court

Dhaka: A case has arisen between lawyers and peshhers for not giving bail to the accused in the CR case. Today, at around 11:30 pm, this incident took place at the court of Chittagong's Chuad Juridical Magistrate Atiqur Rahman. The lawyers then boycotted the court.

Witnesses said the Dhaka Bar's secretary Mizanur Rahman Mamun surrendered the accused in the case of a case filed with Sheikh Motalib and submitted bail. The court refused to accept bail and sent the accused to jail. Mamun then asked to return the application. If the court did not return the application, then the juniors of Mamun threw a basket of pistachios on the judge from the back. Then the judge left the court.

At the time, the fights started with the court's Sharif and Mamun's junior Sajib and Akil. At one stage of the fight, Sajib and Akil were injured. They were taken to the National Medical College Hospital for their treatment. After the circumstances in the court, the lawyers quashed the court.

Meanwhile, City SB's custodian Abu Bakker was upset on taking photographs of the incident. At one stage, he was expelled from the spot by attacking him.

Additional public prosecutor of the court Anwarul Kabir said the Dhaka Bar Association secretary Mizanur Rahman Mamun wanted bail in a CR case. If the court did not give bail, juniors throw a pistol basket targeting the judge from behind. It's going to meet for the meeting.

A policeman said, "There is a fight between professionals and lawyers for not giving bail." A lawyer, who refused to disclose the name, said, "Do not give bail, throw a pistol basket aimed at the Junior Judge of the Secretariat." This is a fierce fight between the two parties. Many people were injured in the incident.


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