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Cattle is giving milk after two days of birth

Newsg Reporter 25 April, 2018, 14:47:25

  • Cattle is giving milk after two days of birth

Sirajganj: After two days of birth in Ullapara upazila, the cow's calf (calf) is giving milk. False lies far away from the distance, but the fact is 100 percent true by touching miracles. Such incidents have occurred in village Olipur of Barhar union of the upazila.

The past 36 days ago, a foreign-born cowgirl born in the village of Peer Mandal in the village was born. The baby is giving milk daily after 2 days of birth. After knowing such incident hundreds of eager crowds gather in the crowd to see the child in his house.

Peer Mandal, owner of the cow, told that after the birth of the baby, we thought that breast tumors. But after 2 days, it gradually grows up to become a full-fledged breast and starts giving milk automatically. Then every day the milk of 250 grams of milk is giving milk. They came and seen the upazila animal doctors in this regard. The baby is presently healthy

Locals said that such incidents have not been heard before. So little cow is giving milk to the calf, which is miraculous. It can be a great inspiration of Allah. We have come to see the news in the face of the people.

Ullapara Upazila Animal Resources Officer Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman said at the mobile phone that the first cows that are feeding the young cow's milk first. This may be due to hormonal reasons. But milking will stop in a few days. The officer advised not to release milk from the child's breast after being very enthusiastic.

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