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Eight burns in a flat in Demra

Newsg reporter 23 October, 2017, 11:26:11

  • Eight burns in the flat in Demra

Dhaka: Eight people, including seven of the same family, were burnt to death in a flat in Demra.

This incident took place at 3:00 pm on Sunday at Demra's Dogail Al Amin Road. Later, locals rescued them and brought them to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital at around 5am.

Burned Ferdousi said they were all asleep. They woke up hearing the boys crying suddenly. Everyone's body was burned before he understand what is happening.

Ferdousi also said that two months They came here as tenent. As soon as they get home they get the smell of leaking gas. The matter was also told to the landlord. He was not sure why the fire happened on the night.

Dhaka Medical College Hospital Police Outpost Sub-Inspector (BDCH) Bachchu Mia said that eight burnt patients is being treated at the burned unit. Of these, there are seven members of the same family.

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