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Fraud NGO activist arrested

Newsg reporter 25 October, 2017, 11:31:52

  • The arrest of NGO activist arrested

Bhairab: Harun, a fraudster using fake ID cards and fake papers with the names and pictures of different people, has been embezzling company's money by posing as GM of NGO.

Harun-ur-Rashid has been working as a GM of BRAS for a long time. From time to time he has embezzeld around 28 lakhs by making 140 fake client and fake papper.

Later, under the leadership of newly joined SI Jahangir Alam, Bhairab Police Station was able to arrest Haruk from the area of ​​Kamalganj Police Station in Sylhet's Molvibazar.

In this context, SI Jahangir Alam said that a cheating case was filed against him in the Bhairab police station. On October 23, the accused Harun was arrested from the Kamalganj Police Station and was bought to ​​Bhairab Police Station.

Meanwhile, Officer-in-Charge of Bhairab Police Station OC Mokhlesur Rahman said that the deceased Harun's house was in Pohori village of Nandail thana of Mymensingh and the fraud had been making many fake Nation ID cards for many days by embezzling money from his employed company.

Finally, on October 23, Bhairab police was able to arrest him.

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