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DNA test reveals child's father's identity

Newsg reporter 26 October, 2017, 12:48:41

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Gazipur:  DNA test  reveals the father of a child born to a sixth-grade rape victim in In the Kaliakoir Upazila.

Police said that the DNA test done by the court order came to the police station on Wednesday. There, it was found that Nur Mohammad Ali, accused of rape, was the father of the girl's daughter.

Earlier, a sixth grade girl was raped in Kaliakoir upazila last year. The child is born after pregnancy. The court ordered the child's DNA examination. The accused of the case matched the child's father. Nur Mohammad Ali (50), accused of rape, claimed that the child did not belong to him. The girl, who fell victim was studying in the sixth grade in a local school at the time of the incident.

On February 26, a relative of the schoolgirl filed a case in Kaliakair Police Station. She was seven months pregnant at that time. She was kept it secret. But after the change to the body, it is revealed to the relatives. Later, the diagnosis of pregnancy was also found in the health examination.

Family and police sources said that the schoolgirl traveled to school in front of Noor Mohammad Ali's house. At this time, Nur Mohammad gave some misconceptions to the girl. Nur Mohammad get angry at her when she denied his offer. Suddenly, on a way to return home from school, he took her (student) to his house. After closing the door to the door he threatened the girl. If she disagrees with his proposal he threatens to kill her. Later, the girl was raped. She kept the matter secret for several months in fear. The schoolgirl's mother filed a case in the Kaliakair Police Station under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act.

On February 26, the police arrested Nur Mohammad from his own house on the basis of the complaint. In the initial interrogation of police, Nur Mohammad confess the rape, but denied that the unborn child was his. Later, the police sent him to jail.

Three months later, the schoolgirl gave birth to a girl. Later, the court ordered DNA tests to ensure the child's fatherhood.

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