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Apply pressure to return Rohingyas

Newsg reporter 5 November, 2017, 14:50:10

  • Apply pressure to return Rohingyas

DHAKA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called to pressure Myanmar to take Rohingya back.

She urged the world leaders present at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference at the South Plaza of the National Parliament House in Manik Mia Avenue in the capital on Sunday.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "Myanmar has to stop torture on their citizens. Apply pressure to return to Rohingya who come to Bangladesh. '

The Prime Minister said, "Inhuman torture on Rohingya people and forced them to leave their country is not only in this region, but also creating unrest. More than 6,22,000 Rohingyas have entered Bangladesh for such acts by Myanmar government. More than 5 lakh Rohingyas coming different time since 1978 are staying in Bangladesh.

She said, temporarily, we have provided shelter to a large number of Rohingya people from the humanity perspective. Discuss your request with special importance on the Rohingya issue.

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