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Digital process may prevent question paper leak: Minister

Newsg Reporter 15 February, 2018, 11:02:23

  • Digital process may prevent question paper leak: Mustafa Jabbar

Dhaka: Postal, telecommunication and information technology minister Mustafa Jabber said that using technology and digital method can stop questioning of papers.

He said, taking examinations, creating questions and the process in which the question reaches the examination center is very old. There are many people involved in this process, because of the big challenge for anyone providing flawless security. But it is possible to stop the question paper leaks using the digital method.

He said this at the conference room of the ministry at the Secretariat office on Wednesday afternoon.

The minister said, there will be changes in preparation of question papers and student evaluation. One such idea has arisen among us that the question papers are leaked on Facebook, the internet quizzes. But the matter is very simple. Facebook, Internet, WhatsApp does not ask questions. Questioning is in the hands of the people.

Mostafa Jabbar said, "Actually, I believe that the manner in which the test is conducted, the question is created and in the manner that we evaluate our students, I think it is time to think about these issues again. If we do not think, then hundreds of years old methods can be stuck in the digital era. And if you talk about digital methods, undoubtedly there is a way to provide flawless security in digital technology. We have that in our hands.

He said, we can technically make such a situation that there will be no chance for anyone to leak the question. Stop the Internet or stop Facebook is not the solution.

The Minister said technology can be used to identify question papers using technology. If he uses an IP address, the criminal will be easily identified. But if he uses VPN, then it will be difficult to identify him. It is important to remember that the person who is trying to defraud me is also of technical competence.

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