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Dhaka down in the rain

newsg desk 19 June , 2017, 16:54:01

  • Dhaka down in the rain

Dhaka: The capital Dhaka falls on rain. That has now become the rule. In the continuation of the continuation of the rain in a couple of hours on Monday, the areas of Dhaka have been submerged. Passengers and laborers living in extreme trouble due to this rain in the morning of 10:30 in the morning of Mosul. Many were seen going to the office in the wet weather.
People are suffering from drinking water on the road from Green Road, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Farmgate to Karwanbazar, one side of the road from Shyamoli to Putraabad, Rampura, Badda, Khilkhet, Nikunj, Bashundhara residential area, Old Dhaka Dania, Shani Akhara, Katubakhali, Postagola.
Extensive rainfall in April this year is in Dhaka. However, if the water level in the capital is not seen in the rain of the summer, the water has been accumulating in the last one week. The reason for the transmission system is not good. In general, people are angry with social media.
The city's water drainage canals have become quite a lot. In addition, after the rescue of the occupied canal, they again took possession of the possession of occupiers. Again, the river around Dhaka is now also the city of Taitumbur. It took time to get water due to these.
Workers of Dhaka WASA have said that there is also the role of people in these water bodies. Where there is garbage and garbage, the use of polythene has stopped the way of transmission. That is why the organization's staff are urging the general public to be aware.
The weather office has been informed that the rains will continue for at least one week. On Monday, Meteorologist Omar Farooq said, "There is always rain in the month of Ashra. There will be rains throughout this week. But the rain may be slightly lower next week. '
The Meteorological Department has forecast 24-hour weather forecast, in many places of Rangpur, Mymensingh, Dhaka, Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet divisions and many areas of Rajshahi and Khulna divisions, there may be light to moderate rainfall, including temporary gusts and winds. There may be some moderate to heavy heavy rains in some places in the country.
After the rain started at 10 in the morning, water has entered the house of many people in Khilkhet and Battala areas. Dania, Shani Akhara, Katubakhali, Rayerbag area, many people have found water in the house.

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