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Bangladesh about to sign an agreement with Austria

Newsg reporter 29 June , 2017, 13:26:20

  • Bangladesh about to sign an agreement with Austria

Dhaka: Bangladesh is going to sign many collaborative agreements soon, including agriculture, animal resources and aviation. After the recent visit from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Austria, this is what the Bangladesh Embassy in Vienna said. According to Ambassador Mohammad Abu Jafar, the foreign ministry of the two countries will hold regular meetings to strengthen relations. On the other hand, Bangladesh's relationship with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has become more intense, following this year's visit from the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a state tour for the first time, as the head of state, in Austria at the end of last month. On her visit to the European Union to attend the International Atomic Energy Agency conference. Her visit also played an important role to strengthen bilateral relations. She also set a  meeting with the President and the Chancellor of Austria.

Bangladesh Permanent Mission in Vienna is very excited about the statement made by the Prime Minister at the conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The ambassador said that Bangladesh will also enjoy an enhanced relationship with the IAEA and The United Nations agency, especially in cooperation with Rongpur nuclear power project, will increase cooperation.

He said that the company's chief Yukio Amano will visit Bangladesh next July.

The Bangladesh Embassy in Vienna thinks that the significance of this visit is very important. In particular, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina held the meeting at the state level in Austria, the results will arrive shortly. Within a couple of months the agreement for Dhaka-Vienna with direct flight operations and agricultural and animal resources will be signed.

Bangladesh stablished the embassy and UN permanent mission in Vienna since 2014.

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