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Razzak, the hero of the movie's most successful pair

Newsg reporter 24 August , 2017, 15:57:35

  • Razzak, the hero of the movie\\\\\\\'s most successful pair

Hero-heroine is one of the main attractions of all the films of the world. The original curiosity of the audience, with the role of the hero or heroine acting in the film. In the drama-movie, 'pair' is never made like that, the viewers made it. It is the historical pair that the audience accepts. The popularity of Bengali films since the decade has been quite strong. In which the heroes Razzak and Kobori pair became the most popular romantic couple.

Legendary actor Razzak has acted in more than 500 films in his 50-year film career. But the most popular pair of Razzak was made with Kobori. Not only with her, many heroines have been tied up with the hero, but the pair was most. Razzak is the only hero, with whom the most successful and popular pair of Bangladesh's film has been developed. Let's learn, by acting with Razzak, a successful pair was made of heroes-


The hero's first heroine indication in Dhaka movie. At one time, Razzak-Shuchanda pair meant that the crowd of crowds in the cinema at that time. Razzak's first movie 'Behula' was started by Razzak and Shuchanda pair. Prior to that, he did a number of pictures as an extra. He also acted as an additional artist in the film 'Pablo Boat' of the heroine Shuchanda. After the Indian-Pakistani War in 1965, the Bengali film's audience welcomed Razzak-Shuchanda pair as the good-natured couple.


She has tied up with Razzak for her most romantic pictures of her career. Razzak-Kobori pair started with the hands of late producer Subhash Dutt. In 1968, Subhash Dutta composed Razzak and Kobori and produced the film 'Abhirabh'. From there, Razzak-Kobori received a great acceptance as a pair. Razzak-Kobori-love couple's incredible presentation of the love got great popularity. They used to emulate emotions that the romance scenes of the film were very natural and were alive. Even at that time many rumors were made. The popular song "Tumi je amar kobita", which has acted in this pair, has now taken place on the list of classical songs in the history of Bengali film. Notable films like Rangbaj, Mainamati, Smirtatuku, Neel akash er niche, Sonali Akash, Anirban etc. Later, in the film 'Amader shontan', Razzak-Kobri appeared in the role of older parents.


One of the most popular couple with the hero was with Shabnam, a well-known actress of Dhaka movie in the 1970s. When you see that face in the mirror, the black tip of the forehead will fall in the eyes. This song will always be a good example of Razzak and Shabnam acted cinema. They acted together in the movie 'Nacher Putul'. They also acted together at the Akheri station, Prit Na Jain Rit, Chor movies together. Bengali film-starring actress Razzak-Shabnam was one of the most popular films of their successful couple.


Once upon a time, super hit pair were called by legendary actor Razzak and actress Shabana! The pair have starred in numerous films. Shubana tied Razzak with her incomplete mind and honey mixing. The couple gets one of the popular pictures after the pair, the audience. They also acted together in Rajnegandh, Holi Bella and Joker. Apart from this, there are also movies like Maya Bandhan, Chapa Deangar, etc.


Razzak-Bobita pair of Dhaka movie was undoubtedly one of the best romantic couple. This pair has given an insignificant romantic picture. Razzak's most popular movie 'Laily-Majnu' tied the knot with Bobita. In addition, the eternal love movie was also discussed at that time. Razzak-Bobita's deep kiss scene because of the most talked about film. Although the film was finally released without the scene.

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