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She'll be alive in the heart of everyone

Newsg reporter 11 September , 2017, 17:12:38

  • She\\\'ll be alive in the heart of everyone

Firoza Begum is the unique name among the famous music artists of the subcontinent. She is famous for Nazrul music throughout the Indian sub-continent. She is considered the pioneer of Bengali music to generations. Feroza Begum was born on 28 July 1930 in a respected Muslim family of Rhetil Ghanapara village of Gopalganj subdivision of Faridpur (present district).

Firoza Begum started singing in her early childhood. While studying in the sixth grade, She gave voice to the radio all over India. In 1942, at the age of 12, HMV, a famous gramophone company, got her first record of 78 songs in the RPM disc. After a while, under the supervision of Kamal Dasgupta, Urdu songs were recorded. The songs of this record were 'Maa Prem Bhare, Prit Bhare Shannu' and 'Prit Shiey Ayya'.

At the age of ten, Feroza Begum came in contact with Kazi Nazrul and received his training. Her first record was published in Nazrul's song in 1949. Fazlullah Begum took the steps to preserve the pure note and music of the music after Kazi Nazrul became ill.

She participated in more than 380 singles concerts in different countries of the world. In addition to Nazrul's music, she has given voice to various songs, including modern songs, ghazals, kavali, bhajan, hamad. In her lifetime, her 12 LPs, 4 EPs, 6 CDs and more than 20 audio cassettes were published.

In 1955, she married, a musician, singer and songwriter, Kamal Das Gupta, who lived in Calcutta. In 1967, she returned to Dhaka. Kamal Dasgupta died on July 20, 1974. The couple has three children - Tahsin, Hamin and Shafiin. Both Hamin and Shafin are members of the Rockaband Miles.

She was awarded various awards and honors in recognition of her music career. Among them, Swadhinata Padak, Ekushey Padak, Netaji Subhash Chandra Puraskar, Satyajit Ray Award, Nasiruddin Gold Medal, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Gold Medal, Best Nazrul Singer Award (multiple times), Nazrul Academy Medal, Churulia Gold Medal, Burdwan University Honorary Deleit

Nazrul's legendary artist died in Apollo Hospital on September 9, 2014 after suffering from kidney complications. Today is her third death aniversary. Her continuous music pursuit illuminated our music. As a legend of Nazrul music from generation to generation, she will remain alive within the heart of the well-wishers.

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