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Anamika Sagarakanya going to Vietnam

Newsg reporter 11 September , 2017, 18:41:33

  • Anamika Sagarakanya going to Vietnam

'Anamika Sagrakanya', a reproduction of the country's repartee dance theater Turgamir, was selected at the International Dance Festival in Vietnam. The Festival of the Vietnamese government, youth and tourism ministry will be organized in the city of Dien Bin of the colorful festival in 16 September. It will continue until September 22.

Puja Sengupta, an artistic director of Tortmunty Reperty Dance Theater, said, "In January this year, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Youth and Tourism issued a notification. According to the rules mentioned here submit video of our productions. In June, we were informed by the formal letter, 'Anamika Sagrakanya' and 'Choirography' were selected for consideration of the International Jury Board. '

She said, "It is a matter of great pleasure for us to get such opportunities in such a big way in the international arena. I believe that our participation will brighten the country's image. '

'Anamika Sagarkanya' is a story about a boyfriend. Through the journey of various civilizations and culture throughout the world for love, he is looking for his dream. Through this production, Bangla literature has been used in contemporary dance, trying to highlight modern Bangladesh in front of international audience.

Earlier, in 2014, it was contested directly at the Bangkok Bank of Ifof Festival of Performing Arts and won. So far 12 stages have been organized in various countries. Puja Sengupta is the main head behind the production, manuscript, dance and directing.
Including artists from Turban, the professional and mainstream dance groups of Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Egypt, Brunei, Singapore, Myanmar, Japan, China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam are selected.

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