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Baul Emperor Shah Abdul Karim's death aniversary today

Newsg reporter 12 September , 2017, 15:36:06

  • Baul Emperor Shah Abdul Karim\'s death aniversary today

Shah Abdul Karim, a legend of Baul music. The music of this music composer, grown on the banks of the Kanni river of Sunamganj, is popular in the Bhati region but the popularity of the city has got its popularity a few years before his death.

Shah Abdul Karim was born on February 15, 1916 in Dhalashram village of Dinai thana of Sunamganj. His father's name is Ibrahim Ali and mother's name is Niyorjan. Baul Shah Abdul Karim's music began to flourish between poverty and life struggle, from his childhood. Baul's motivation wass his wife; Whom he adorned as 'Sarla'.

From 1957 onwards, Shah Abdul Karim started living permanently in the village of Ujnadhal, near his birthplace. In love with the love of life in the people of the region, as well as his songs, his songs speak against all injustice, superstition and communalism. He got inspiration from the lyrics of the famous Baul king Fakir Lalon Shah, Pannu Shah and Dudu Shu. Although poverty forced him to spend his labor in farming, but nothing could prevent him from making music.

He received the invitiation of Baul music from Satk Rasheed Uddin, Shah Ibrahim Mastan Baksh. Shah Abdul Karim has also practiced Shariati, Marfati, Dahibhitya, Ganan Sangit and other sections of Baul songs and music.

Self-educated Baul Shah Abdul Karim has written and composed nearly five hundred songs till his death. His's 10 songs have been translated into English by Bangla Academy. Even though the song was written from the teenage years, these songs were popular only for people of Bhati region a few years ago. A few years before his death, he gained popularity by singing with a number of artists, Baul Shah Abdul Karim, and popularizing the country.

A large part of Baulsadhaksh Shah Abdul's life has fought with poverty.

For the first time in 2007, a book based on his life and work was published in the lifetime of Shah Abdul Karim. This book was edited by Shah Abdul Karim Sanavardhana-Granth (Source publication), a folk culture researcher and essayist, Sumankumar Das. According to the artist's demand, in early 2009, a book on the whole creation of Baul Abdul Karim was published in the initiative of Sylhet Divisional Commissioner.

Among the popular songs of Shah Abdul Kareem, 'Bande Maya has been put, I have taught,' 'What a beautiful day I used to spend', 'Do not drive', 'Do not want the world of color', 'Do you want to die', 'Jhilzhheel Jhilzhheel Karre Maurepankhi Take ',' I am Kallahara khankini ',' I forget that I did not live without the wire 'and' Why is the friend of the elderly '.

So far seven books have been published by Baul Shah Abdul Karim. Shortly before his death Sylhet District Council Auditorium has unearthed the bookings of Omnibus. Also published by Sumankumar Das, Shah Abdul Karim's Smarak Grant (Anbha Prashenan) was published after his death. Earlier, Shah Abdul Karim was the son of 'Bangla Mother: Shah Abdul Karim Biography' (Anbesa Prokashan), 'Shah Abdul Karim' (Ambeshana Publications), 'Shah Abdul Karim' (Anbesa Publications), 'Baulsratra Shah Abdul Karim '(source publication),' Ganapatikar Shah Abdul Karim '(source publication) was published. In the last year, published from the renowned publishing house Pratma from Dhaka, the book 'Shah Abdul Karim: Jeevan and Gun' was composed by Suman Kumar 10. This book has already been recognized as a fame biographical intellectual hall. In this book, some of Karim's selected songs have been compiled.

Baul Shah Abdul Karim won Ekushey Padak in 2001. Bangla Academy publishes the English translation of ten of his songs. Shakhur Majid made him a documentary in the name of man of Bhati. The Subarna Natya Sangsad also has been produced by Shakoor Majid's play 'Mahajan Nao'.

Abdul Karim, who was admitted to Nurjahan Poly Clinic in Sylhet on September 11, 2009, was kept alive on LifeSpot from Friday noon on September 11. On the following day, Baul Emperor Shah Abdul took the farewell from the earth by floating in the ocean of indignation to innumerable devotees.

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