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Jyoti Sinha achieves MPhil Degree

Newsg reporter 15 September , 2017, 11:58:19

  • Jyoti Sinha achieves MPhil Degree

She unifies her blood and sweat to make her character alive. Her constant endeavors to shine the eyes and mind of one viewer in the vibrant scene. The powerful youth of the theater, with the rare talent in the field, will be able to conquer the heart of every people of the stage. Like the story of a fairy tale, this is the story of the stage. These words are maybe little for this outstanding actor. Because, not only in the cultures, but also in the cultures of cultures, she has set an example in the culture of the country.

Who I am talking about, it's time to understand the theater related readers. Yes, I am talking about Jyoti Sinha, a talented actress known as 'Kahh Birangana'. The live legends of the theater who overwhelmed everyonr by her acting. Not only that, many of them related to the theater also seem to have learned a lot from her performances.

The new news is that the dancer Jyoti received a MPhil degree from the Department of Archeology at Jahangirnagar University, in 'Monipuri Culture and Raslila: A Sociological Study'. Earlier, she received Honors and Master's Degree from the same University's Anthropology Department.

In addition to 'Keho Birangana', Manipuri has received praise from theater by acting in numerous plays, including 'Deity Gras', 'Leima', 'Srikrishnakirtan', 'Chandrakala', 'Rudruddha', 'Dhobjo Mastira Muran', 'Engal Dhadhar Palwa'. Outside the team, Jyoti has played in the play 'Bidhe' of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Retrace. Directed by the dance drama 'Kalmigoya'.

She is the general secretary of the theater drama Manipuri Theater headed by Shubhashish Sinha, a promising drama. Jyoti has also starred in several TV plays as well as some television dramas. She is currently working as the cultural officer of Moulvibazar District Shilpakala Academy. In this difficult way, our theater should be more enlightened, she will become the brightest shorthand of time. She hopes for the best.

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