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Three liberation war films going to the Fobana conference

Newsg reporter 27 September , 2017, 18:28:36

  • Three liberation war films going to the Fobana conference

Fobana conference organized for the most colorful expatriate Bangladeshi Americans. After five years, this year's conference is being held in Florida. The 31st conference will be held in Miami, Florida, on October 6, for 'Unity for Humanity'.
This year's Phobana conference will be held in the Downtown Hayat Regency of Miami, organized by Bangladesh Association of Florida. The three-day conference will conclude on 8th October.

One of the main events of the conference is 'Film Festival'. There will be three films based on liberation war of Bangladesh.
It is known that the 'Guerrilla' produced by Asia Creative Space, directed by Nasir Uddin Yusuf and 'Meghmallar' produced by Jahidur Rahim Anjan and directed by Morshedul Islam and directed by Morshedul Islam, 'A day in life of Anil Bagchi', produced by Bengal Creation, will be shown at the festival.

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed will be the chief guest at this year's press conference. And the cultural episode of the conference was arranged by two legendary artists Runa Laila and Sabina Yasmin. Artists like Kumar Biswajit and Tahsan are coming with them. Apart from this, more than 56 organizations from different places in America and Canada will be present in their respective exhibitions.

Note that this conference was held in Florida in 1996, 2005 and 2012. By using the experience of the past, we are working closely with the visionary conferences of the most respected people.

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