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'Binodini' is inthe theater after one year

Newsg reporter 26 October , 2017, 17:13:57

  • 'Binodini' is inthe theater after one year

Revoered from illness, Shimul Yusuf is coming to the stage again after almost one year. 'Binodini' will be staget at Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy on 29 October. Shimul Yousuf will act solo in this drama which is produced by one of the most prominent theater "Dhaka Theater". Theater and film personality Nasir Uddin Yusuf will direct the drama.

Binodini Dasi was the most popular actress in Kolkata Theater. Inspired by her autobiographical two books 'Amar Kotha' and 'Amar Ovinoi Jibon' Simon Zakaria  wrote the scipt of 'Binodini' and dramatist Nasir Uddin Yusuf directed it. Last in January this year, the 31st production of Dhaka Theater was produced.

In 1863, legendary actress, Binodini Dasi, was born in Kolkata, India. At the age of 11, she got on stage for the first time. The first drama is the "Antagonism" of the Great National Theater. Until 1886, she played more than 90 characters in 80 plays for various theaters. Binodini 'drama has created many aspects of life of this artist.

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