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Morshed Jahangir's solo exhibition

Faruk Hosain Shihab 28 December , 2017, 15:03:33

  • Morshed Jahangir's solo

Recently the installation art got quite popular. An artist is no longer dependent on any particular format. His thinking is now has gotten broad and is not bound in any singular frame. Murshed Jahangir is a multi-dimensional artist. Art Shows 'Bright Side of the Moon' in the 81 / A Kakrailastha Cafe ri9, with a single view of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, audio and visual rearrangement based on various content.

This solo exhibition has begun on 21st of December, 2017will end on January 21. The exhibition has been filled with different view of society, persecution and feel.

A lot of people have been gathering in the exhibition.  They are enjoying this art work and installation. The exhibition is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The exhibition is open for all.

About the exhibition Morshed Jhangir say “This is my first solo exhibition. I am very glad to organize this exhibition; I am also getting inspiration from people who are coming here.’


He also Said, ‘Basically every artist wants to show his work to others. Thusan artist gets his inspiration. Those who have not visited the exhibition I humbly request to visit.’

Photograph: Imtiaz Alam Beg

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