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Art Summit starts fron February 2

Newsg Reporter 13 January , 2018, 16:44:03

  • Art Summit starts fron February 2

Dhaka: Dhaka Art Summit will be inaugurated on February 2, the biggest art event in South Asia. More than three hundred artists from 35 countries will participate in the summit organized for the fourth time in capital Dhaka. Art and architecture will be highlighted in the public at a new 9-day art conference.

The summit will be organized by the Samdani Art Foundation at the National Academy of Shilpakala Academy till 10 February. As always, the Art Ministry is organizing the Art Summit, Ministry of Culture, Information Ministry, Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh Tourism Board, Bangladesh Investment Authority and National Museum.

The information was given at a press conference organized by the National Art Gallery of Art Shilpakala Academy on Thursday. Dhaka Art Summit director Nadia Samdani gave a written speech in this regard. Besides, Director General of Shilpakala Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky, Director of Fine Arts Department and festival curator Md. Moniruzzaman, founder and founder of the Samdani Art Foundation Rajiv Samdani and Art Summit Supporter, Golden Harvest Director Mohsad Samad Chowdhury.

Nadia Samdani said the art summit was organized to unveil a new horizon of South Asian art. Iran and Turkey are participating in the summit for the first time. In all, more than three hundred artists from 35 countries will be present in their work on this Summit. Besides, in front of the development of potential art, more than 120 speakers will participate in the Summit, 16 panel discussions and two symposiums.

Rajiv Samdani said, Samdani Art Award will be given this year; For which already a short list of 11 people has been made. The name of the winner will be announced from the International Judiciary.

With the help of Shilpakala Academy, the initiative of the Samdani Art Foundation began in 2012, with the participation of the Dhaka Art Summit in the two-year program. One lakh 38 thousand local viewers enjoying the third edition of the four-day summit in 2016. Apart from this, more than fifty foreign tourists took part.

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