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Dhaka Art Summit-2018 starts from February 2

Newsg Reporter 29 January , 2018, 17:55:56

  • Dhaka Art Summit-2018 starts from 2 February

Dhaka Art Summit - 2018, to be started in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy for the fourth time from February 2. The Samadhi Art Foundation and the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy will jointly hold a 9-day summit until February 10.

The exhibition of 300 renowned and innovative artists from 30 countries will be displayed in the Summit. Of these, there are more than one and a half hundred Bangladeshi artists. Over 100 artists, art critics, teachers and artists will participate in 16 panel discussions in two episodes of the Summit.

These discussions will be held from February 2 to 4 in the first phase and from February 8 to 10 in the second phase. There will be cultural programs in different sessions. He expressed hope that more than 100 painters, negotiators and art critics from across the country and abroad would join.

Two awardees will be given on the exhibition of this year's Summit, Organizer Organizer Organizer Organizer Organized by Associated Art Foundation Roxmi Chowdhury, Associate Art Foundation. The two awards are 'Samadani Architecture Award'. It will be given 22 to 40 year old Bangladeshi artists and 'Samdani Art Award' will be given to evaluate the painting of foreign artists.

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