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The new initiative of the television drama organization

Newsg Reporter 7 February , 2018, 15:39:05

  • The new initiative of the television drama organization

For the first time, a three-month play titled 'Courage Composition Styles' is going to be started by the television drama association. On this occasion, a press conference was held on the evening of 6 February in the office of the television drama Sanghar Sangh of Magbazar.

The program was addressed by Ezhaz Munna, convener of the Television Playwriters Association Masum Reza, Vice-President Brindaban Das, general secretary Mejbah Uddin Sumon and playwright Tabarak Hossain Bhuiyan.

It was informed at the press conference that the first session will start in the three-month workshop on March 2. The classes will continue on weekends (4pm to 8pm) and Saturday (4pm to 7pm). University teachers and renowned playwright will train in this three-month course.

Chief of the satellite channel program, producer, actor-actress and craftsman will exchange manuscript experience. At the end of the training, the certificates will be given to the participants and the best three playwright will make plays.

The application is available for participation in the workshop. The Natyakkar Sangh's office is located at 20 New Eskaton (fourth floor), Dhaka and Natyakkar Sangstha website The course fee has been reduced to 6 thousand taka. The deadline for submission of direct application to the playwright's office on 27 February.

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