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21 people is getting "Ekushey Padak" 2018

Newsg Reporter 10 February , 2018, 12:14:58

  • 21 people is getting "Ekushey Padak" 2018

For the recognition of contribution in various fields of Language Movement, Education, Culture and Social Service, 21 people of 21st Century getting Ekushey Padak. On Thursday, the Ministry of Culture published the list of nominees for the state's second highest medal. On February 20, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will officially award Ekushey Padak of the year 2018 at Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital.

Now getting Ekushey Padak: Language Movement - Late Al Jazeera Taqiullah and Professor Mirza Mazharul Islam. Music - Sheikh Sadi Khan, Sujoy Shyam, Indra Mohan Rajbangshi, Md. Khurshid Alam and Motil Huq Khan. Acting-late Humayun Faridi Dance - Begum Minu Haque (Minu Billah). The drama - Nikhil Sen (Nikhil Kumar Sengupta). In the arts- Kalidas Karmakar. Photography- Golam Mustafa Journalism - Ranesh Maitre In the social service- Ilias Kanchan is building a social movement for safe roads.
In the study - late lecturer Professor Julekha Haque Economics - Mainul Islam In language and literature - Syed Manjurul Islam, Saiful Islam Khan (Poet Hayat Saif), Subrata Barua, Rabiul Hussain and Late Khalekadad Chowdhury.

Among them, three meritorious persons will be awarded posthumous Ekushey Padak.

In the past, as a recognition of important contribution in different fields, Ekushey Padak was awarded to 17 prominent citizens of the country last year. Now this number has increased to 21. Ekushey Padak is a national and second civilian award in Bangladesh. This medal was introduced in memory of martyrs of Language Movement in 1976.

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