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"Classical Music" and "Dance Festival" stars today

Newsg Reporter 10 February , 2018, 16:53:42

  • "Classical Music" and "Dance Festival" stars today

Classical music is known as heart of music.This time  Shilpakala Academy has taken an initiative . The three-day 'Classical Music and Dance Festival of 2018' is being organized in the auditorium of the National Theater of the Shilpokola Academy, with the participation of emerging artists.

Today, 10 February, 2016, will be inaugurated by the Education Minister Asaduzzaman Noor MP, inaugurated the three-day 'Classical Music and Dance Festival 2014' from the present day as the chief guest at the National Theater Auditorium on Saturday. Presided over by Director General of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky, the special guest will be present at the ceremony as Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Ministry Ibrahim Hossain Khan

After the opening discussion, the classical music will serve the moral / social majors - the public music college, the classical music singles will be performed by the artist, Asitra (class), Soumita Bose (Pakhowaz), classical raga, will be presented by Sharmila Bandyopadhyay, Rachel Priyanka Paris (Gauri Dancing ), Artist Renat Fouzia (Rag), Firoz Khan (Rag), Sambat Tablar Lahrah, Minimal nurulahaka (anger), classical music will be performed solo artist Priyanka landowner (thumri, anger), Sunny Jubair (thumri), and more. Fakir Shahidul Islam and Saiful Islam, artist Md. Moniruzzaman (Wrath) will serve the flute, the dual classical dance will serve the dance (Kattek). So will be left alive in classical music and dance till 12 February.

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