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Singer Babu Rahman is no more

Newsg Reporter 18 February , 2018, 16:35:13

  • Singer Babu Rahman is no more

Babu Rahman, a famous musician, researcher and hero of freedom fighter is no more. Innalillahiwainnaherajiun. He left his last breath at Enam Medical College Hospital in Savar last night due to heart attack. On his death, music came down to the cultural angle and the shadow of mourning.

This man, who possessed a profound knowledge of music, was very niggardly. Impossible to read, research, sing, and retrieve data data was his addiction. The full name is Mushfiqur Rahman Babu But he is well known as Babu Rahman.

He was the former Principal of Jahangirnagar University School and College. He has also made an unusual combination of repercussions and songs like rage songs and songs like music. Which is a rare example in the music of Bangladesh. The man was very handsome in art and literature; he was nirbhayacharya and studied.

He was born on 12 March 1953 in Bikrampur. Father Ansar Ali and Mother F Jahanara Begum. He fought as a platoon commander of Shaheed Mahfouj Company under the supervision of Major Haider of Dhaka West Zone No. 2, Abdul Matin Chowdhury and Principal Rauf Khan.

In 1972, Babu Rahman was admitted to 'College of Music'. In 1973, after taking lessons in I-music from this college, B'Mews ended the first part of the scholarship. Handkhari Ustad Aminul Islam. Later, he took lessons in ragas with Pandit Barin Majumdar, Ustad Gul Mohammad Khan, Ustad Akhtar Sadmani. Babu Rahman also took training in the music of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Nazrul and Ganjanta), Mumayya Das Gupta, Sukheed Chakraborty (Rabindra) and Ajit Roy (Gana-sangeet) and Abdul Latif in the linguistic music.

In exchange for the India-Bangladesh Cultural Agreement, the music director received a high school scholarship in Santiniketan's Visva-Bharati. Pandit Nimai Chand Baral (Pandit Nimai Chand Baral), Pandit Mohan Singh Khanggoara (Khoyal), Pandit Mohan Singh Khanggoara (Khoyal), Pandit Mohan Singh Khant, Pandit Mohan Arati Basu, Biren Palit, Nilima Sen, Manju Bandyopadhyay, Gaur Mostafic, Kanya He took education to Bandyopadhyay. Later, he taught in Anuradh Music School of Churulia. Ustad Babu Rahman earned a post-graduate degree from International Culture University on 'Professional Masters in Music'.

Among his notable books are 'Nazrul and Ma'arifunagamat, various topics of Nazrul music, the first stairs of music education etc. Ustad Babu Rahman was the executive editor of the monthly magazine 'Chakrabak', Nazrul.

He was not just a musical saint, he was also a skilled organizer. In 1983, the musical pioneer of the Classical Music Council, the 'Music Bhaban' in 1983 and the founder and dreamer of 'Charan Sangskritik Kendra' in 1985.

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