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Today 50 poets will recite their poet about jute

Newsg Reporter 4 March , 2018, 15:19:14

  • Today 50 poets will recite their poet about jute

Jute as the main cash crop of the country is called golden fiber. Jute and jute was the main export product of undivided Pakistan, not only in East Bengal. Jute is our centennial tradition. There are many uses of this golden fiber. But currently the use of jute in polythene and plastic invasions is decaying.

However, environmental pollution can be prevented by using jute goods. Keeping this in mind, the Ministry of Textile and Jute is going to organize awareness about 'Poetry Assor'. The program will be held at the main auditorium of the National Museum, Shahbag in the capital on Sunday.

Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Noor will be present as the chief guest. State Minister for Textile and Jute Mirza Azam will remain as special guest.

50 different poets of different degrees will participate in the jute related poets. Besides, Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Noor is also likely to read a poem, Information and Public Relations Officer of Textile and Jute Ministry Saikat Chandra Haldar said.


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