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“Chitropot e Bangabobdhu ebong Bangladesh” at national museum

Newsg Reporter 6 March , 2018, 15:43:14

  • “Chitropot e Bangabobdhu ebong Bangladesh” at national museum

Pattachitra is one of the main industries of our art. This medium is the oldest. As a result, the petals have always been specially placed in the minds of Bengalis. Artist Nazir Hossain is a renowned artist of pattachitra. He usually likes to work on variety of topics.

In light of the same, painted exhibition titled 'Bangabandhu and Bangladesh' on the painting of Pattachitra artist Najir Hossain in Shahbagh Bangladesh National Museum. The exhibition is open to everyone on the second floor of the national museum, until March 11. It has got 70 artists from the place. Among them there are several paintings on Father of the Nation Bangabandhu.

In the canvas, the photographs of the life, work and struggle of the nation were found in this exhibition. Pottery will stir the mind of artists. The background of Bengali culture in the art of artist Nazir is very big.

Nazir Hossain has basically chosen two things for the painting design. One issue is the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The other thing is that the Tiger of Bengal the Father of the Nation Bangalee and Father of Liberation of a thousand years is the architect of independence. And the tiger is the best animal in the world. Nobody met the importance of tigers before being seen in such a way.


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