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Ferdousi Priyovashini is no more

Newsg Desk 6 March , 2018, 15:44:51

  • Ferdousi Priyovashini is no more

Freedom fighter and sculptor Ferdousi Priyabhasini is no more. A few days ago, the hospital sources said that he died in the capital's Labaid Hospital. For a long time, Ferdousi was suffering from various diseases including preferential diabetes and kidney complications.

In her death, art and culture came down to the shadow of mourning. The freedom fighter, sculptor has long been suffering from high blood pressure. Labaid doctors said that his blood was very low in potassium and hemoglobin.

Prior to this, 70 year old Ferdousi Priyabhasini got injured in ankle after falling in the bathroom at her home in November last year. Later, when admitted to hospital, doctors told him that a bone of ankle was displaced.

After a surgery in the ankle first heart attack and later urine infection occurs. After that, his physical condition was not improving. On December 10, when physical condition deteriorated, he was kept in intensive care center (ICU).

On February 19, 1947, Ferdousi was born in Khulna. In 1971, she was tortured by the Pakistani army.

For her contribution in the war of liberation, the government of Bangladesh gave him the title of freedom fighter in 2016. Earlier, in 2010, she received the highest civilian honor Swadhinata Padak of Bangladesh. In Ekushey Book Fair 2014, her autobiographical book Nandit Nandan was published.


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