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Silpokola Academy is getting TV channel

Newsg Reporter 13 March , 2018, 17:13:43

  • Silpokola Academy is getting TV channel

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is working to build 'Art-cultural creative humanitarian Bangladesh' by creating cultural flows for all the people of the country by preserving and promoting cultural heritage. With the introduction of new innovative efforts and multi-dimensional organizers, the country has already flourished across the country.

Now to add more to the enthusiasm of the people of the cultural circle a new channel is coming. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is getting a TV channel. The Ministry of Culture is going to launch a TV channel called 'Shilpakala TV'.

In view of the Shilpakala academy's application, this initiative has been taken to highlight the country's art and cultural activities of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The new channel will be broadcasted in various media streams including drama, music, dance, recitation and painting. This channel will give priority to the culture, history and tradition. The channel will continue to provide income from advertising.

Liaquat Ali Lucky, the current DG of the organization, applied for the establishment of a separate channel in 2012 after taking over. Basically, this initiative has been taken in the light of spreading the activities of the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and spreading it to the whole country, in the hope of creating 'Art-cultural creative humanitarian Bangladesh'.Since then there were a lot of meeting. Finally, 'Shilpakala Television' is going to get approval. And Parliament is going to get the form of television as art television.

Director General of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already agreed on 'Shilpakala channel'. He said, "We all know that our culture-friendly government is committed to spread the message of culture across the country. We first applied for a separate channel. After a lot of discussion on this, the Prime Minister has advised, "Since Parliament is not broadcasting all the time, so the parliamentary television can be turned into art television." Accordingly, the next course of action is going on.

Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Ibrahim Hossain Khan said, 'The Honorable Prime Minister gave this opinion. Speaker of Parliament also talked about the poison. They have no objection. Through the formal meeting soon, the parliament will take over the affairs of the society and take it under the cultural affairs ministry. And when Parliament session is going on, we will broadcast it. Other times, cultural activities will be broadcast on this TV channel.

It is known that the 'Shilpakala Channel' will be operated from Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in Segunbagicha in the capital. For this, the complete digital studio installation, high frequency sound system, sophisticated camera, light, and the type of equipment needed for the management of a separate television channel will be added and new employees will be appointed to handle technical issues. Shilpakala Academy Director General Liaquat Ali said.

Earlier, in the year 2011, Parliament Sangsad Bangladesh Television started its journey with a view to presenting the activities of the Jatiya Sangsad to the people.


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