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‘Juddho Shishu’ is coming on 26th March

Newsg Reporter 19 March , 2018, 15:04:50

  • ‘Juddho Shishu’ is coming on 26th March

Dalduar’s (Tania) neighbor Razakars handed over her to the Pak army in 1971. With the help of the Red Crescent, she gave birth to a son while held by Pak army. At that time, a couple of Swedes took the child of Dalduar (Jovan). The war child grows up with the foreigners. At the time of marriage, the Swedish couple told him about his past and mothera. At that time the start.

Jovan returned to Bangladesh with his fiancée in search of his mother.He started to collect information frpm ambassy. Will he able to get information about his mother from Ambassey? Or, due to lack of true disclosure, the dream of the couple will stop here? To know it, it will be seen that the liberation war based drama 'Warshishu' will be seen.

Telefilm 'Warshishu' was created by Masud Ahmed in the form of the shade of Sunrise and Zaraful. It danced to Manas Pal and directed by Golam Habib Litu. The play has played different characters - Tania Ahmed (Deljuarara), Farhan Ahmad Jovan (war hero), German artist Dorothea Berkoski, Afroza Banu and others.

The drama of the Liberation War will be broadcast on March 26, at the Independence Day, 8pm on Channel i.

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