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Asian art biennale Bangladesh in September

Newsg Reporter 5 April , 2018, 18:28:05

  • Asian art biennale Bangladesh in September

A month-long biennial Asian Fine Arts exhibition will begin in Dhaka from September 1. Artists from different parts of the Asia region will participate in the exhibition organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

Shilpakala academy of Dhaka will be held at some venues in the city, said Shilpakala Academy Director General and cultural personality Liaquat Ali Lucky. Apart from the fine arts exhibition, there will be a few seminars, discussion meetings and documentary exhibits on Fine Arts.

It has already started preparing for the Asian Fine Arts exhibition of the 18th exhibition. Shilpakala academy has invited an application to participate in the eight-day biennial Asian Fine Arts exhibition of artists from different countries including Bangladesh.

For the last 38 years, the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy has been organizing Asian Fine Arts exhibition every two years. Artists from any Asian country can take part in this program over 22 years. Bangladeshi and foreign artists interested in participating in this exhibition have already been invited to apply.

The deadline for applying within 31 May has been set.

It has been stated in the exhibition that a selection committee has been constituted with some reputed artists to select the applications for which artists will apply for participation. Applicants of the committee will be able to take part in it.

It is learned that the selected artists will be asked to submit their works later on. After submitting artwork, they will decide the artwork of the awards by judging a juryboard from the selected artwork from them.

In context, Bangladesh has earned a great reputation by organizing 'Biennial Asian Fine Arts Exhibition' in Dhaka. Through this arrangement, the artwork of Bangladesh has been highlighted in the world. In this, art lovers from Asian and other continents know our artists and art works. Visitors and artists of our country are also aware of the other arts of other countries.

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