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In the face of the parliament, the finance minister

Newsg reporter 19 June , 2017, 16:59:49

  • Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith

DHAKA: Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has been facing a setback to the ruling party's parliamentary standing committee for the fiscal year 2017-18.
In the proposed budget, she said in the face of abusive taxation and 15 percent VAT proposal, declining savings rate of savings certificate and the controversial 'talk' given at different times.
Many parliamentary members of the Awami League criticized the Finance Minister in the budget discussion on Monday. At the beginning of the budget discussion, the finance minister was present in the parliament but at one stage he could not be seen there again.
Awami League Senior Parliament member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim said, "The Finance Minister has given a good budget. But Awami League can not accept the misery of the people. Revoke excise duty. Some of your conversations have embarrassed the government. You said less. When you are old, what do you say. The Prime Minister said if there is a problem in the budget, then it will be seen. You said, the person who has a single money, he is wealthy. If there is no money, four thousand crores of rupees, one lakh rupee, money became?
He also said, 'You finance minister, present your budget for work. The representatives of 350 people of this parliament will decide who will be in the welfare of the people, and no one will be there. The system closed.
After the proposed budget on June 1, the government and opposition MPs, including the minister, are criticizing the parliament. The announcement of reduction of savings certificate, criticism of the finance minister, in excess of excise duty and VAT in the bank's amnesty.
Selim said, "The World Bank took the money of Padma bridge. Increase VAT coverage if needed. Give all the companies the ECR machine. In order to pay VAT, The VAT is not anywhere in the world.
Meanwhile, Joint General Secretary of the Awami League Mahbub Ul Alam Hanif said, "There is a storm of discussion in the country regarding the budget. The finance minister said, this is not the election budget. When the finance minister will pay the budget? The next budget will be implemented in July, Then the monsoon will start. In the implementation process in September, the schedule of elections in October. This time the election budget should have been done. It can be said that the Finance Minister made the anti-election budget. For the sake of the interest of the finance minister, the bank has no excuse not to know.
He also said that after four thousand crore of Hallmark's corruption, the finance minister said that the money was nothing. So why did the people of the whole country mourn for a little money.
 Hanif, opposing 15 percent VAT proposal, said, "The Finance Minister has imposed VAT on the masses. There is no mention of 30 percent additional VAT in one year in the history of the world. It's not logical. '
Referring to allegations of looting in the bank sector, she said, "Basic Bank is giving Tk 1000 crore worth of capital. Who is paying money, why? They will loot for corruption and the capital will pay the people? Government money can not be looted like this.
Former Information Minister Abul Kalam Azad said in the budget discussion, "There are coming elections coming. The Finance Minister misled the people before that. I do not know whether Allah will give him (Finance Minister) the chance in the next election. But those who will nominate the Awami League will have to take note that they can choose.
He said, 'It's a scourge of dirt on dying. The interest is low. The rate of interest on the savings table is not reduced. It's not okay to reduce it. Increasing 10 percent will cost one billion crores. But millions of people will be benefited. Get it Senior Citizens. They can not stand anywhere. Many people have subsidized people. Giving a huge list of loan defaulters. Where can they catch them? Can not stop the money laundering of the bank. And imposing taxes on the lower middle class. I protest against this. '
Abul Kalam, a member of parliamentary committee on planning ministry, said to the Finance Minister, "He has worked hard. The NBR and the ministry worked with him. To implement the budget, there must be skilled manpower. Empty tax will not be raised. At the upazila level, the NBR officials provided the upazila level. We need skilled staff to meet the SDG. Almost the ministry officials can not do the project properly. Can not propose. In the meeting of the parliamentary committee of the Planning Ministry, call the different ministries. You do not believe the Honorable Speaker, the Planning Minister is in front - I have shown that they can not spend the money properly.
Addressing the State Minister for Power Nasrul Hamid, he said, "Power has improved, many lines have been made. But during Ramadan, there is no electricity in my area during Shererira. If in the day 14-15 times the electricity goes. Take the initiative to correct them. '

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