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Import the rice by any means

Newsg reporter 19 September , 2017, 17:10:20

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Dhaka: Rice crisis in the country is underway. To counter this crisis, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed has ordered rice traders to import rice by any means. On Tuesday, he directed the traders to hold talks with the rice traders in the ministry of food ministry.

According to the sources, at the beginning, rice traders highlighted the issue of public liability for the use of sacks of rice in the import of rice. They said, importing rice from sack  would cost one taka per kilo. And plastic sacks cost only 15/16 paisa. If the restriction on the use of sack beans is suspended, then the import price will be reduced by two paisa per kg.

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said, "At present, the government's decision to import rice in the sack slab has been postponed for three months. Now that you can bring rice. I am telling NBR and customs. Nobody will stop Besides, I will speak to import rice from India through jituji system. "

At the time, the traders told the commerce minister, "The duty of importing rice to reduce the crisis has been reduced. Besides, the price fixed by the government in rice is very low. If the price of rice was not fixed at Tk. 34 then it would have been made to 40 taka, but we could have made many moves.

Commerce on behalf of the government, Ahmed, Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury, Food Minister Advocate Kamrul Islam, the former Food Minister Abdur Razzak and Mohammad Kaikobad food is present.

After meeting with leaders of the Bangladesh Auto Rice Mill Owners Association at the Secretariat on Sunday, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed had said that the meeting will be called for the rice traders to know the root cause of the crisis. If there is evidence of anyone's involvement for rice crisis, action will be taken against him.

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