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Bangladesh top choice for foreign buyers

Newsg reporter 22 September , 2017, 16:25:12

  • Bangladesh top choice for foreign buyers

Dhaka: The garment sector of Bangladesh is at the top of the interest of overseas buyers, according to a study by US research firm Mackenzie Apparell. According to a survey, the company says that this position will be at least five years due to low prices, better quality, and workers' working environment.

80 percent of the country's export earnings comes from the ready-made garments sector. In the last fiscal year, the amount of export income in this sector is $ 2,815 billion. In the first two months of the current fiscal year 55 billion dollars has been exported By 2021, the government's export target of this sector was $ 50 billion. The government is expecting higher export growth over the next four years, depending on the garment sector.

USA-based Mackenzie Apparel CPO Survey says that Bangladesh is at the top of the choice of 49 percent buyers. The second place in the list is Ethiopia, third Myanmar, Vietnam fourth and India fifth.

Experts have urged to improve the infrastructure for the high growth in the garment sector, to reduce the complexity of the Chittagong port, the development of gas, water and electricity connectivity.

Since 2011, Mackenzie Apparel has been studying various aspects of the garment sector. After two years, the survey carried out survey of the market situation in the company, and the company has surveyed the market situation.


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