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The price of Gold decreases again

Newsg reporter 26 September , 2017, 12:30:25

  • The price of Gold decreases again

Dhaka: In the second phase, the price of gold ornaments in the country has decreased. Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BZU) has decided to cut the price up to Tk 1,165. New rates will be effective from Tuesday.

The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BZU) said in a press release on Monday.

Last, on September 20, the price of gold was reduced to a maximum of Tk.17,700.

According to the new price, the best quality, the gold jewelery of 22 carats (11.664 grams) will be sold at Tk 478,222. By Monday, the quality of the gold is sold at 48 thousand 988. That is, the price decreases to 1165 taka.

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