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7 steps ahead of global capacity index

Newsg reporter 27 September , 2017, 12:29:20

  • 7 steps ahead of global capacity index

Dhaka: According to Global Competitiveness Competition Index in World Economic Forum, Bangladesh is 7 Step ahead than before.

Global Competitive Indexes Index (GCI) in Bangladesh World Economic Forum (WEF) ahead of global competition capability index, Bangladesh has reached 99th position among 137 countries in the year 2017-18.

Bangladesh has reached 99th position among 137 countries in fiscal year 2017-18 Bangladesh's position was 106 in last fiscal year. The top five in the global competition competency index are Switzerland, America, Singapore, Netherlands and Germany.

This report was released on Wednesday by World Economic Forum.

This index has moved one step down to India (40th). After that, the country is in the best position in South Asia. Pakistan has progressed seven steps like Bangladesh However, Pakistan (115) still far behind Bangladesh. Russia is ranked 38th in the list.

South Africa and Brazil are ranked 68 and 80 respectively.

In addition, 15 steps ahead Bhutan's position is 82nd, Nepal's position is 88th and Pakistan's position is 115th. Switzerland's top position on the World Economic Forum for 2017-18 years, their score is 5.8. The United States, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Finland

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