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Infrastructural development is the reason behind global calamity index

Newsg reporter 27 September , 2017, 18:14:27

  • Infrastructural development is the reason behind global calamity index

Dhaka: On Wednesday (September 27th), the World Economic Forum released a report on the global competition capability index, seven steps ahead The report says Bangladesh has reached 99th position among 137 countries in the fiscal year 2017-18.

With the improvement of infrastructural and institutional capacity, Bangladesh has progressed seven steps in the global capacity index. However, the use of business technology and skill development is still lagging behind, said the private research agency Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

According to a report by World Economic Forum in a press conference organized on Wednesday, the agency said this. The research director of the company Khandokar Golam Moazzem said the monitoring of the report.

He also said that these research reports were prepared based on the opinion of the traders of Bangladesh. Traders said that business is now easy to improve the power and port situation of Bangladesh, reduce corruption, reduce bribe tendencies, reduce governmental bureaucracy, and reduce bureaucratic complexity. But the business policy situation has been advised to improve the technical policy for further development and continuity, businessmen said.

The report is prepared on the basis of institutional status, infrastructure, economic economic environment, health and primary education, higher education, training, product and labor market efficiency, financial sector improvement, technology, innovation.

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