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Business organization vandalized for asking for money

Newsg reporter 10 October , 2017, 22:02:21

  • Business organization vandalized for asking for money

Munshiganj: Terrorist attacks and vandalism have occurred in a business establishment in Srinagar Upazila, when asked to get the money.
The attackers attacked the Sharmin Electronics at Chamis Market in Balasur area of ​​the district around 8pm on Monday.
According to local sources, the business company is in the showroom to sell TV fridges, on Monday night, a person named Harun Sarang of North Balasur area asked for money to sell the TV in exchange for a sale before the shop owner was interrogated.
After a while, Haroon Sareng led a group of 15 to 20 people and carried out attacks and vandalized shops.
The owner of the organization told that the cash was taken in the shop and vandalized at night and took one and a half lakh taka of cash. The next morning, Harun came back to my house with Sarun's people and entered the house and beat me. In this regard, a complaint has been lodged with Srinagar Police Station.
Srinagar Police Station SI Aminul Islam said a complaint has been received and action will be taken against the investigation.


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