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Bangladesh is ready to integrate the weak banks

Newsg reporter 12 October , 2017, 16:15:29

  • Bangladesh is ready to integrate the weak banks

Dhaka: Bangladesh is ready to unify poor banks (merger). Bangladesh Bank Deputy governor SK Sur Chowdhury said Bangladesh Bank is making a policy related to this.

He said these days after participating in 'Bangladesh Worker's Business Workshop' organized by Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) auditorium from 10am on Thursday.

SK Sur Chowdhury said that there are different types of mergers in the world. It's nothing new.

He said there are two types of merchandise for the merger. Firstly, a weak bank will offer a vigilant bank a merger. Secondly, a weak bank will offer a weak bank to a weak bank.

The Bangladesh Bank will play a role as the intermediary between the two banks in the case of merger.

Presided over by BIBM Director General Towfiq Ahmad Chowdhury, former Bangladesh Bank Deputy Governor Khondker Ibrahim Khaled, BIBM Professor Yasin Ali and Prof Helal Ahmed Chowdhury also spoke on the occasion.

The day-to-day workshop is attended by representatives from public and private banks.

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