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The joy of the fair is not tied to the winter

Newsg Reporter 13 January , 2018, 13:38:20

  • The joy of the fair is not tied to the winter

Dhaka: The second holiday today after the start of the 23rd Dhaka International Trade Fair. Trade fair is generally crowded in the holiday season. But, this seems a little exception. Fair winter holiday is not getting better even on holiday.

Many of the visitors coming to the fair are sitting on the footpath except the shopping. They are warming up in the cold winter season. In the meantime Dhamaka offer sounds coming from Sunshine pavilion. The buyers who have come in the nature can not walk against the air in the book. Being compelled to sit in a place where they are forced to choose.

Every year, the trade fair of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Middle East countries has a lot of carpet and home furnishings. This year, the Middle East's aesthetic crafts and festive home-made shops are sitting in the fair. However, these shops of foreign stores did not accumulate yet. Buyers of the country say that the prices of these products are much higher than last year, and the sellers expect the sellers to grow in the next few days.

The red-blue light neon can be touched by the illusion of light that the eyes of anyone. For the craftsman's craftsmanship of Turkish crafts, craftsmanship and construction style, chandeliers are attracting the visitors to the fair.

Fisheries and traditions of this year are also in the fairs of Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Poshmi carpets in some countries of the Middle East. In the first list of visitors' favorite products, showpieces, craftsmanship, in the design of Turkish folk art. However, due to the price touching the prices of these products, due to the price band, there is no link between good and poor.

As the holidays are due to lack of office and work pressure, many people came with family and friends. As the school and college were closed, the students also came to the fair. In the presence of people of different age groups and people, the whole fair premises became fair. The buyers are struggling to eat heavily, the pavilions and stalls are responsible for the caretakers.

But, this is a little different, in the last few days as well as in the capital as well as in the Kankan winter. After this, many people have not been able to escape from the cold winter. But the vendors did not agree to leave. They say, if not in the morning, the buyers and visitors will increase with the raising of the bar.

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