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New monetary policy announcement today

Newsg Reporter 29 January , 2018, 12:47:49

  • New monetary policy announcement today

Dhaka: The Bangladesh Bank will announce the new monetary policy for January-June period to achieve desired GDP growth and control inflation. Central Bank governor Fazle Kabir will announce this in the afternoon.

Before the national elections, the need for borrowing in public sector increased. In this, the private sector will not be obstructed, the goal is to declare new monetary policy. Recently, some banks have violated the legal limit of debt disbursements. So, in the second half of the fiscal year, Bangladesh Bank wants to control the flow of loans.

The central bank will also give instructions to keep inflation under control in the new monetary policy year-on-year. In the budget, the percentage of inflation was 5.7 percent in December, but in December five percent.

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