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United Kingdom withdrew cargo restriction

Newsg Reporter 20 February , 2018, 11:21:51

  • United Kingdom withdrew cargo restriction

Dhaka: The United Kingdom has lifted restrictions on direct transport of cargo in the air from Bangladesh. After two long years of closure, this path was opened.

This announcement was made at a press conference at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on Sunday at the British High Commissioner in Dhaka, Alison Blair.

Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister AKM Shahjahan Kamal and Civil Aviation Authority's (Mustafizur Rahman) member Mustafizur Rahman were also present.

The UK has suspended direct cargo transportation in the air with Bangladesh since March 2016, due to security reasons. At that time, the Hazard Shahjalal airport cargo village was shown as the reason for the inadequate security and the opportunity for free access to outsiders.

The impact of this ban on the profit of the airline. Because Biman Bangladesh Airlines is one of the source of income cargo transportation.

According to the Biman Bangladesh sources, the profit of the company has decreased from the last fiscal year, despite the profit earned in the financial year 2016-17-17. The financial statement of the 2016-17 fiscal year was approved in the 10th Annual General Meeting of Biman on 19 December.

It is mentioned that due to UK sanctions on cargo transport, the profit of the airline has been affected. In the cargo transport sector, the aircraft has transported 33 thousand 542 tons of goods in 2016-17, which was 40 thousand 931 tons in 2015-16 fiscal year.

But if the ban was withdrawn, Bangladesh will have to comply with some conditions in direct transit of cargo in the UK.

It is learned that in these conditions, there should be appointment of two consultants long-term security issues at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, UK model of aviation security will be followed and the United Kingdom and Bangladesh will jointly review the security of the airport.


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