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Farooq Moinuddin is new MD of Trust Bank

Newsg Reporter 25 February , 2018, 16:06:08

  • Farooq Moinuddin is new MD of Trust Bank

Dhaka: Faruk Moinuddin has been appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer of Trust Bank Limited. Bangladesh Bank has approved the appointment on in context of Trust bank committee. Earlier Faruk Moinuddin was working as Additional Managing Director of the Bank. Information was delivered by the employee of the bank.

Faruk Moinuddin obtained his graduate and post-graduate degree in Economics from Dhaka University and entered his career as an Enrolled Officer in AB Bank in 1984. He received gold medal from Bangladesh bank and BCCI Bank for banking diploma exam. He also served various important positions in the country and abroad while working in AB Bank.

Experienced banker also performs regular professional studies as well as his professional duties. Prior to joining Trust Bank, he was the AMD of The City Bank.

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