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Instructions for writing bank loan grant in Bengal

Newsg Reporter 26 February , 2018, 13:07:22

  • Instructions for writing bank loan grant in Bengal

Dhaka: Bangladesh Bank has directed all commercial banks of the country to lend a loan grant in Bengal. According to the instructions of the Bangladesh Bank, letters from the 1st July will be written in Bangla along with all types of forms.

A directive has been issued from the banking regulation and policy department of Bangladesh Bank on Sunday (February 25th).

On Sunday, the Banking Regulation and Policy Department of Bangladesh Bank issued a direction to this effect and sent it to the Managing Director / Chief Executive of all the Scheduled banks of the country.

The concerned people say, if the loan approval letter in Bangla will be written, it will be beneficial for the customers as well as transparency in banking activities. At the same time the Bengali language will be introduced.

According to the circular of the Bangladesh Bank, the provisions of section 3 of the constitution are made applicable to the whole of Bangladesh in all three cases except in Bangladesh, in all cases except in Bangladesh, by the government offices, courts, semi-government, autonomous organizations, in the section 3 (1) of Bangla Language Act, 1987. Documents and correspondences, legal court questions and other legal actions are incomplete There are instructions on how to write in Bengali.

It is noticed that most banks are preparing their letters, forms as well as loan sanctioned letters in English. A loan agreement with the bank, with the approval of the loan grants. If the customer is legally guaranteed to fulfill all the terms of the contract, it is advisable to understand the conditions of the loan grant for the protection of the customer's interest. If the loan sanctions will be made in Bangla, it will be universally convenient for the customer and the transparency in the banking process will also be maintained.

In order to fulfill the objectives of the Bangla Language Act, 1987, and the protection of the interests of the people, the guidelines were made mandatory for the formation of loan sanctioned in Bengal. But loan grants can also be formulated in English as well as in English.

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