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Hydrochloric binding contract with Madhumati Bank

Newsg Reporter 28 February , 2018, 16:31:43

  • Hydrochloric binding contract with Madhumati Bank

Australia's one of the world's largest ac-cleining brands Hydrochlin is now operating in Bangladesh. As part of this, some companies in Bangladesh have signed an agreement with HydroClin Bangladesh Limited. Madhumati Bank is added to this list.

Officials of two organizations were present at the signing ceremony of the head office of Motijheel at Motijheel Bank on Tuesday (February 27th) in the afternoon. They are Mr. Rafiur Rahman Khan Yusufzai, Managing Director of Hydrochlin Bangladesh, Mr. Shahidul Azam, Managing Director, Madhumati Bank, Kazi Ahsan Khalil, Deputy Managing Director and many others.

According to the agreement, Hydrochlin Bangladesh Limited will be responsible for cleaning and maintenance of all the branches of Dhaka and Dhaka and ATM booths of Madhumati Bank throughout the year. As a fourth-generation modern bank, the Madhumati Bank is committed to maintaining an ideal working environment for the highest customer service and its employees by using advanced technology and green banking. In its continuation, the bank has signed an agreement with Hydrochlin Bangladesh to maintain a healthy working environment through AC servicing of advanced technology.

Hydrochlin Australia has already earned a reputation in the country. The company is going to play a positive role in Bangladesh. Recognized by the National AZMA Council of Australia, Hydrochlin customers will be given healthy breathing.

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