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Robi paid Tk 19 crore for VAT fraud

Newsg Reporter 5 March , 2018, 11:18:08

  • Robi paid Tk 19 crore for VAT fraud

Dhaka: Mobile operator Robi has been forced to pay around Tk 1 million in VAT fraud. National Board of Revenue, Badruzzaman Munshi, deputy commissioner of the VAT tax department, NBR, said that Robi has paid the money through the central bank.

Earlier, on February 28, Robi chief financial officer gave a letter to the NBR in connection with the payment of VAT fraud. On the contrary, the revenue board opened all the bank accounts of Robi on Thursday. Revenue officials received the information about the fraud in audit of Robi's expenditure documents. The Revenue Board has received information about VAT scam of around Tk 100 billion against the mobile service provider.


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